Welcome to REPEAL 18,
a hand crafted cocktail lounge, with a prohibition-era theme inside. All of our specialty drinks are made to order, and we use the freshest ingredients to make them. We have new concoctions, as well as modern takes on old favorites, such as Old Fashioneds, Gin Rickeys, Manhattans, Sidecars, Sazeracs, Moscow Mules and many more. We also have a wide selection of craft beers (many are local), wines, and unique spirits (including over 80 whiskeys). We have complimentary entertainment outlets including a pool table, dart board, and a variety of board games.
18th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Eighteenth Amendment (Amendment XVIII) of the United States Constitution effectively established the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by declaring illegal the production, transport and sale of alcohol (though not the consumption or private possession). Its ratification was certified on January 16, 1919, with the amendment taking effect on January 17, 1920.
We open at 5pm, and offer Happy Hour until 8pm daily!
Sunday through Wednesday 5pm - 2am  •  Thursday through Saturday 5pm - 3am